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Your Trusted Partner in AML Compliance Audits

AML Auditors (NZ) Limited is a specialist provider of independent audit and testing of Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Programs designed for financial and non-financial institutions. Our industry experience and consultative approach provide for an unmatched level of precision and expertise. A proven track record of success and satisfied customers make us your trusted partner for your AML Audit requirements.

At AML Auditors (NZ) Ltd, we do more than just audit. We provide process improvement recommendations, compliance advice, and feedback based on interviews with personnel, a hands-on review of your risk and AML compliance practices, and insights from our work with peer firms.

Independent testing of your AML compliance program is crucial as it helps determine whether the AML Compliance Program functions as intended and it provides a chance to adjust, identify, and fix weaknesses. For most institutions, bi annual (on a calendar-year basis) independent testing for compliance must be conducted by personnel or by a “qualified” outside party.

Our experts have practical, hands-on industry experience and provide you with a combination of technical expertise, industry best practices and objectivity. Our knowledge, skill and experience in the detection and prevention of money laundering help to promote the development and implementation of sound anti-money laundering policies.